Leatherby's Catering

Due to the construction at our Arden Way Creamery, the catering department is currently closed. We will reopen our catering business in the late Spring of 2015. 

Until this department is open, please contact

Sally Leatherby at 916-920-8382

(Mon. through Fri. from 8am-4pm) 

regarding catering inquiries. 

Thank you for your understanding. 



If you would like to purchase our ice cream and/or sauces in bulk for an event,

please contact your local Leatherby's Family Creamery.





We’ll bring Leatherby’s to you!

Please contact our catering department for pricing and availability:
(916) 927-5566 • catering@leatherbys.net
You may wish to use our online contact form

We would love to bring Leatherby’s to your home, school, church, office, special event or even your wedding!

You have the option of purchasing items directly from us, having us deliver the product to your location, or we can even set up a self-serve or fully catered ice cream sundae bar.

Individual Item Direct Sales/Purchase Options

  • Pre-packaged Ice Cream Cones
  • Pre-made Ice Cream Sandwiches             
  • Dipped Chocolate Nutty Cones

Catered Sundae Bar

A member of our catering department will set-up an ice cream sundae bar stocked with delicious homemade Leatherby’s ice cream, sauces and toppings for your guests. You can choose between a self-serve or fully catered sundae bar. We provide hot fudge, hot caramel, & strawberry toppings and nuts, whipped cream, and cherries (plus foam bowls, spoons, and napkins). Rainbow sprinkles are available upon request.

Self Serve Sundae Bar:  50 person/sundae minimum                                                  

Fully Catered Sundae Bar:  75 person/sundae minimum

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